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Weekend in Perth

Many of you may not know this but I actually used to live in Perth a while back, I have family there and have been over and back to Victoria a few times in my life!

I recently ventured over for two nights (yep just 2 nights after a 4 hour flight!) to visit my family and also to have a bit of a break as I have not been over west for a few years so it was most definitely time!

For this trip, I picked up some amazing specials with Tiger (i think it was about $189 each way with carry on only) just to test them out as in my job I have a lot of people request them but I had never flown with them as I’m a little bit of a snob and do like to fly Qantas domestically as I like food and entertainment. What can I say?

It was definitely an eventful start to my trip (I will write a review on them later) but I arrived safe and sound in the early hours of the morning and was lucky enough that my aunty picked me up from the airport!

So the first part of my weekend was a full on reunion and catching up with everyone and helping my nephew get his books etc ready for school (I travelled in January).

The next day, my cousins come up from down the coast and we made a trip up to Fremantle to get out and about! Let me tell you, I love this place! After a walk around town to catch up on whats changed, we headed to the local along the beach (Ball & Chain.) They have a cute little outdoor area that is across from the park / beach and it’s a nice place to relax in the sun.

Ball and Chain

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Ball and Chain 2

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We then went for a long along the foreshore which if you’re into beer and by beer I mean Furphy etc, then you will love the fact that Little Creatures has a brewery there (see map here) I would recommend a stop in here just keep in mind it does get pretty busy.


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little creatures

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I spent majority of the afternoon at home, as there was a litter of kittens running around and who doesn’t love kittens!

The next morning though it was down to business, not only was it fly out day but it was also the day I had booked a tour to take me around Perth which was run by Adams (you can see the tour i did here) and it was thoroughly enjoying, we went up to Cottesloe beach, past Perth’s new stadium but also through some other suburbs which contain a lot of Perth’s history. My favourite stop was at King’s Park where we had about an hour to walk around this massive place and the views were spectacular!



After this it was the red eye flight back to Melbourne which took me a few days to recover from! (always think these are a great idea until you have a lack of sleep!)

You can view my must do’s and guide of Perth here!

A weekend in perth blog

A weekend in perth & fremantle blog

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